Providing a systematic online real estate portal for assisting young men and women looking to rent an accommodation, Rental Uncle has eased the idea and pursuit of searching brokerage-free properties. Rental Uncle is a broker free renting platform which for the first time is bridging the online and offline home search journey of the consumer.

We are only months old, still some time away from our 1st birthday. And we are a start-up in every sense of the word. Most of the days, we are in a state of great hustle. People can be found working in the office at crazy hours. And every day we bash our brains against each other’s to come up with ideas to take customer experience to a whole new level.Most evenings, we find solace in our favourite evening snack – the Tandoori Momo.

We are really looking forward to bringing on-board people who can share our enthusiasm (and their lunch) and work with us to make Rental Uncle much more awesome.

What Will You Be At Rental Uncle?

Get in touch if you think you can help us with Digital Marketing, Customer Relation, Tele calling, Front-End Development and Back-End Development. Actually, just get in touch and let us know what you are good at and what it is that drives you crazy. We’ll see how we can fit you in. Cheers!

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