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It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a man new to a city(and without a roof over his head), must be in want of a place on rent. Pardon the slight bit of plagiarism from Pride and Prejudice. It is well known that if you are moving to a new city, either to pursue your education or career(or the love of your life, who knows), the first thing on your mind is to look for a place on rent.

The search for an accommodation on rent is not necessarily a nightmare but it does have the potential to turn into one. It definitely takes up a lot of your time e.g. a couple of your weekends, which you could otherwise have spent bowling Nine Pins or downing beer with friends.

A lot many of us have been down that rabbit hole of house-hunting and have dirtied our fluffy white tails. So, here are some do's and some don'ts, some honest friendly advice and some tips to help you find a suitable place on rent without losing too much of your time(or your sanity). Maybe you'll even end up enjoying house-hunting and wouldn't that be something!

  • 1 The Budget Matters…A lot: Before you do anything, consider your income and have in mind the maximum possible budget for your rental expenses. You shouldn't ideally shoot past that maximum figure. It doesn't take a quantum physicist to figure this out but you should look at only those accommodations which are within your maximum budget. It saves a lot of time. And spares you the temptation of that expensive 4 BHK which you probably don't need.
  • 2Location Can't Be Ignored: You really, really, really need to put some brain into deciding which location or area you would be putting up at. Why? For one, you can cut down your daily college or work place commute time by living in an area close by. Besides,being close to a grocery store, a hospital, a shopping centre and other basic facilities does make life easier. A bus stand or a metro station in the vicinity can also be of great use sometimes.
  • 3Do Some Math: Maths makes the best of us jittery but it's inescapable in this case. Calculate the overall cost of living in a particular area by factoring in expenditure on daily commute. It may happen that average rent in your preferred locations may be more than you can afford. So you decide to take up a place farther away where the rent fits your budget. But you may end up spending on commutes what you thought you had saved on the rent. So, bring out the calculator and do some math.
  • 4The Security Deposit: There is no running away from the security deposit. So much for trust! Besides the budget, also have a look at the amount of money to be deposited as security money. Some accommodations would turn out to be infeasible because of the security deposit demanded.
  • 5 The Big Search: Once you have a budget and a few preferred locations jotted down, how do you go about searching for places available on rent in those locations? Well, there are multiple ways to do so. You can get in touch with property dealers who can show you places available on rent in your preferred locations. Of course, you would end up paying a brokerage amount which may range anywhere between 1 to 2 month’s rent. Interestingly, the internet may come to your rescue yet again. Using your budget, area of choice and various other preferences, you can easily shortlist accommodations on any one of the many property/accommodation listing websites. And some of them offer quite interesting propositions.
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  • 6 The Big Visit: While suitable places can be shortlisted on the internet, a visit to those places would require you to go out there and get some sunlight. It makes a lot of sense to visit multiple places on the day you decide to go out. You can compare those places while they are fresh in your mind and if all goes well, you may not need another visit. You also get a chance to meet and interact with the landlord or the owner.
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  • 7 Due Diligence Helps: Is it important to find out how the owner usually behaves with her tenants? Most people would say 'yes'. Sometimes, owners turn out to be the kind of people who poke their noses into every trivial thing that their tenants do. It is not completely unjustified but people, even tenants, do need some privacy and liberty. In extreme cases, it might even become impossible for you to bear an over-intrusive and fussy landlord. Try casually asking other tenants or prospective neighbours about the owner's usual disposition.
  • 8 Legal Paperwork Is Crucial: Everything has worked out fine and you can't wait to sign off on the inconspicuous legal agreement between you and your soon-to-be landlord. Suggestion: Take a deep breath, park your ass on a comfy chair and start reading through each and every line in that boring and banal agreement. Why? Dude! Devil is in the detail. Before you move in to your new place, you should be aware of all the commitments you have made to the owner by signing the agreement. Not to mention all the obligations the owner has towards you. Maybe the owner requires you to commit to stay in her place for a certain duration, leaving before which may incur a penalty. The point is: Be absolutely aware of the nuances before you sign a legal agreement.
    We wish you an awesome house-hunting experience and hope this brief 'how to find a place on rent' guide comes in handy. May The Force Be With You!

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