Rental Uncle is an online platform which lets you search for, shortlist and book personal visits to accommodations available on rent at locations of your choice. Our relationship executives accompany you on a visit and help you, in every way possible, to find the perfect place. And, all of this is absolutely free. Helping you find a place of your choice is a reward in itself. We couldn’t ask for more.

The search for a place on rent usually follows these 3 steps:

  • i. Identifying and shortlisting a preferred place or places.
  • ii. Visiting the places personally.
  • iii. Choosing the best place and finalizing the deal with the owner/landlord.

Rental Uncle understands that getting through these steps can be a lot more heckling than it seems. Most online listing platforms can facilitate the first step but that’s where it ends. Rental Uncle makes things easier, a lot easier, by assisting you through these steps, from the beginning to the end:

  • i. You can use RentalUncle.com to search and shortlist places that fit your budget and other preferences.
  • ii. Up to 5 individual accommodations can be shortlisted for a visit. A visit can be booked in advance. Our relationship executive will assist and accompany you all the way through the visit.
  • iii. Our relationship executive will also help you finalise the deal with the house owner/landlord once you have chosen an accommodation.

The 'Book A Visit' feature lets you book a visit to the accommodations you have shortlisted after exploring rentaluncle.com. It is a simple process which looks like this:

  • I. You shortlist the accommodations that you would like to visit.
  • II. Next, you select a convenient date and time to visit the shortlisted places with our relationship executive. You can pick a 1 hour slot of your choice in the day. If you select more than 2 accommodations, you’ll be provided a slot of 2 hours. Up to 5 accommodations can be shortlisted for a visit.
  • III. Hit 'Enter' and Bingo! Visit booked. Our relationship executive will get in touch with you soon after and confirm the details. You’ll also receive the executive’s contact details. For any change in plan, you can freely contact him/her.

NO, we won't. Rest assured it is FREE. We will never ask you, the property/accommodation seeker, for any brokerage or commission for using our services. Go ahead now, give us a try. We promise we are worth it.

You can book appointment for a maximum period of 15 days in advance.

You can ask your relationship executive to fix up a revisit to that accommodation for you. Alternatively, you can book another visit to that particular accommodation online, just like you booked your last visit.

Yes. In case your plans change, you can cancel a visit or reschedule it.

Sorry about that but once a visit is booked you can’t make changes to your shortlist of accommodations. What you can do is that you can cancel your current visit and make a new shortlist and book a fresh visit. Shouldn’t take you long to do that.

'Rental 200' is an offer for our consumers in which, by booking an accommodation through Rental Uncle, the consumer gets a free coupon of Rs.200 which can be used for online shopping.

Once your deal is finalized and you pay the agreed security deposit and advance rental to the property owner, your relationship executive will close the deal on his App which will send a notification/mail to you and once you close the deal on your end you will receive the e-coupon on your device.

Refer-A-Friend is a cool referral scheme through which you can earn a reward for referring your friends and family to Rental Uncle. Refer anyone to us by giving them a referral code.

When your referred person moves into an accommodation through Rental Uncle using your referral code, you will receive an e-coupon worth Rs.500. The more people you refer, the more you earn! REFER NOW(link)

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