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Providing a systematic online real estate portal for assisting young men and women looking to rent an accommodation, Rental Uncle has eased the idea and pursuit of searching brokerage-free properties. Bridging the online and offline home search journey of the consumer, we are going that extra mile and taking all the pain necessary so that you find the perfect accommodation on rent without breaking a sweat. You’ll love us because:

  • 1 We help you finding an accommodation on rent without charging any Brokerage. #NoBrokerage
  • 2 We provide absolutely FREE assisted visits to accommodations which you shortlist on rentaluncle.com. Our ambassadors will accompany you throughout the visit and help you choose the best suited for your liking.
  • 3 For your visit, you can book a date and time online and our ambassadors will coordinate accordingly. Plan ahead so that you don’t miss out on other important things in your schedule.
  • 4 We have a cosmic collection of PGs, Flats & Shared Flats available on rent for you.
  • 5 All properties/accommodations information listed on Rental Uncle are absolutely true and genuine.
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